For the past couple of decades, we have accumulated the most professional technique and teams to ensure the best of quality in both service and product. Each employee is passionate in making your experience a well-rounded one and in turn, our company is family that wishes to share with you our accumulated experience and sincerity.

President Huang, Kun-Cheng

Our Story

In 1967, the tumultuous budding taiwanese economy often forced food industries to import or rely on in-house bakers to provide the materials necessary for their products. The food industry is a business of conscience where the utmost attention is critical to the selection of raw materials and its process in becoming a consumable product. This is the ideal in which I built my chocolate company to better serve the needs of the bakery and fondant industries. It is through the right heart, right mind, and right ideas that the foundation for the future is established.

Even at the very beginning, I have always insisted on a combination of the unified mind and body of my employees to provide a sincerity in their work with the continual development in our products. This has allowed us to grow and has earned us an unrivaled reputation for quality even amongst industries of the same field.

In 1983, the original factory building could no longer meet with the demads of the growing company so a new location was acquired after much consideration. At Yun Kang Industrial Park, a new infrastructure was creaked on 4,274 sq. meters (1,300 ping) to accommodate for even more headway. Standing at the forefront of great change, I devoted myself to the internal operations to ensure the quality never wavered and furthermore led the research to continually improve the standards of products to better serve our customers.

Company Ambiance
H&C Chocolate

In recent years, due to exponential growth, the need for a new home became imminent. Therefore, we built a new factory in Tainan Techonology Park in Tainan City in July of 2004. The new location resides on 24,875 sq. meters (7,516 ping) of land, while the building itself is 26,560 (8,034 ping) to accommodate for services domestically and internationally.


Besides our excellent chocolate products, we are also good at food safety. We hold the strictest standard in our mind as our business motto.